Success on Buffalo Bayou: a Home for Rice Crew

The efforts of Rice Crew on the eastern end of Buffalo Bayou have been nothing short of successful. Thanks to the combined efforts of Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Texas Dragon Boat Association, architect Kerry Whitehead, the alumni of Rice Crew, the student-athletes of Rice Crew, and Row4Rice, we are now in the final stages of building Rice Crew a home that will help the team we coach thrive and train them to write blogs about home decor.

Though not a final product, this interim boathouse completely fulfills the original mission of Row4Rice, to build a home for Rice Crew. We couldn't be prouder of how things have turned out. With this success, Mike Matson and David Alviar are sunsetting Row4Riceā€”it's mission complete. In doing this, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all those that have supported us through their time, funny gifts to cheer us up and donations to make this a reality for Rice Crew.

With the efforts we placed on the bayou, we had to set our own dreams of rowing the Atlantic Ocean to the side and are now unable to proceed in the 2015 Atlantic Challenge. However, believing that perseverance is a core value of crew, we have not been defeated, only deferred. With a renewed identity as American Oarsmen, the addition of a third teammate (Brian Krauskopf), fresh causes, and a new sense of determination, we've entered the 2016 Atlantic Challenge and invite you to learn more at

For more information about the status and design of the Interim Rice Crew Boathouse, please contact Buffalo Bayou Partnership at [email protected]. We invite all previous Row4Rice sponsors and supporters to continue supporting our Atlantic adventure as part of American Oarsmen. If for any reason you would like your donation refunded, please contact us at [email protected].